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Putting a Face on Storage
  As our EntertainmentStorage.org logo reveals, entertainment and consumer storage creates a unified driving force behind the creation, distribution, and reception of digital content.  To illuminate the unifying presence of digital storage in liberating humankind’s overall creativity and enjoyment and enhancing social and economic development, we refer to  “The Cosmic Wheel of Storage Karma.”  We hope that you will give our wheel a spin by joining our storage and entertainment community! If you are a corporation or organization that could benefit from association and exposure on our site please contact us regarding site sponsorship at sponsors@entertainmentstorage.org

Entertainment & Consumer Storage

SanDisk Co-Founder and Retired CEO Receives United States’ Highest Honor for Scientific Achievement and Innovation at White House Ceremony

Volunteers Needed for the SMPTE 2014 Annual Technical Conference & Expo

2014 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report Released--
Comprehensive digital storage analysis and projections

The Kionte Storey Journey -- Tragedy Brings Opportunity

NanoTech Adds Seventy New 4K Ultra HD Titles to its UltraFlix 4K IPTV/OTT Streaming Service

Catch Tom's Interview with Woz!

ESA Discount for Ultra HD Physical & Digital Media Conference at the NAB Show

Nanotech Nuvola NP-1 Offers Streaming 4K

Flash Dominates Awards at Storage Visions 2014

Diablo Technologies Wins Joint Award for Visionary Product at 13th Annual Storage Visions Conference

Spectra Logic Named Visionary Company in 2014 Storage Visions Awards

NanoTech Entertainment: Nuvola NP-1 Garner Storage Visions 2014 Visionary Product Award

Great interview of @thomascoughlin on media sector and hierarchal storage pub.vitrue.com/ztgv

HDD, SSHD, SSD Performance Comparison

Inaugural meeting of SDSys Federation and SDSys.org, an industry organization for the advancement of automated computing resources systems for data-intensive workloads to be held during StorageVisions 2014

Synapse Design to Speak at Storage Visions Conference

Quantum And Lattus Object Storage Named “Storage Visions Award” Finalists

Emerging Storage Technologies Topic for January Storage Visions Panel

Data Protection Leading Topic at Storage Visions Conference Panel with Trusted Computing Group

Storage Products Association to Address Emerging Storage Technologies at Storage Visions 2014

Active Archive Alliance Achieves 70 Percent Growth in Membership

Call for Papers 5th Annual NVM Workshop

SSSI Launches the SSD Features Rating Project — Take the Survey!

Save 90% on Storage Acquisition Costs by Archiving

Latest Storage Technology and Trends at the Storage Valley Supper Club

John H. Iasiuolo, 63, passed away unexpectedly July 22, 2013, in Las Vegas

Quantum Expands Lattus Object Storage Offerings And Eases Path To Customer Adoption

Flash Memory Summit Announces Awards Program Open for Submissions

Aspera, IBM and Panasas are Sponsors and Exhibitors at the 2013 Creative Storage Conference

LenovoEMC Announces Next Generation of LifeLine Operating System for Iomega Network Storage Products - FINAL.doc

LenovoEMC Announces Next Generation of Award-Winning LifeLine Operating System For Its Iomega Network Storage Products

Outlook Foundation Solicits Storage Community Help

Enterprise SSDs to Grow Over 10x by 2016

GET INVOLVED – with the Workload I/O Capture Program (WIOCP) from the SSSI

Toshiba Hybrid Drive Video and Specs

Call for Papers Open for Server Design Summit

New CME video download: Hitachi DS video in multiple formats

Please take our brief "How Many IOPS are Needed" survey

2012 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report Released

2012 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report ReleasedIBM Edge Interview with Howard Goldstein

The LTO Program Celebrates 12th Year as more than 80,000 PB of data is protected and retained in multiple applications

The Hollywood Post Alliance® Opens
Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation Call For Entries

DriveSavers Recovers Original Director's Cut of Oscar-Winning Film: The Shore

A significant number of home PC users don’t practice effective personal data safety measures, according to Paragon Software survey

Samsung Launches Consumer-facing Digital Campaign to Raise Awareness of Samsung Memory

Seagate Reaches 1 Terabit Per Square Inch Milestone in Hard Drive Storage with New Technology Demonstration

2012 Hard Disk Drive Capital Equipment and Technology Report Released

CALL FOR PAPERS: The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics – Berlin, 3 – 5 September 2012

Storage Performance In Entertainment And Content Creation

Digistore solutions develops prototype Network-Attached Storage (NAS) with enhanced storage architecture

BurnWorld's DVD Software Giveaway Contest - Dec 2011

A*Star Aims to Produce HDD With Only 5mm Thickness for Tablets

Datalight Releases Low-Latency Reliable File System

Datalight Releases Secure Delete in Support of eMMC

Call For Speakers and Topics 2012 MEDIA-TECH Events

BurnWorld’s Ultimate Software & Hardware Giveaway Contest – Sept 2011

Sony Sendai Factory Damage Endangers Professional Media Supply

New Report Exposes Value of HDDs and Flash Memory Together

Silverdraft Launches Mobileviz Vfx And Pre-Viz Studio-On-Wheels For Motion Pictures

WD to Acquire HGST for $4.3 B --
Combined Company Revenues to Exceed Seagate’s

Analysis of WD/Hitachi Huge Deal (It's Waterloo for Seagate)

Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Shipments Hit the One Million Mark

New Book: iLeadership for a New Generation-- The Steve Jobs Way by Jay Elliot and William L. Simon

Storage Visions News and Product Announcements

digdia 3D Entertainment Report: 450% increase in 3D Screens in 18 months

Ifixit Announces Free Game Console Repair Manuals

3D for the Rest of Us – Focus on Editing

Calling all Digital Asset Management Innovators

Spectra T-Finity Tape Library Named ‘Green Product Of The Year’ At The Storage Awards

IDEMA LAUNcHes “Are You Ready?” Campaign to Prepare Industry FOR Hard Disk Drive Sector Format Change

Are you ready for 4K?!

StorageIO Group Newsletter for June

Verbatim® MediaShare™, Home Network Storage Solution, On Sale Now!

ICCE Call for Papers

Active Archive Alliance Formed To Promote Simplified, Online Access To All Archived Data

iFixit launches a global repair community

Samsung Producing Industry's First Higher-performing 20nm-class NAND Flash Memory

Cache-A Debuts Archive Appliances for Today's File-based Workflows

CDSA Qualifies Kingston Technology as World’s First Content Protection Certified Flash Memory Entertainment Provider

2010 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report Released
Provides in depth digital storage analysis and projections

Oracle Announces Completion of Sun Acquisition

Spectra Logic T-Finity Named Product of the Year at 2010 Storage Visions Conference

Wave Receives $5.7 Million in Software License and Maintenance Orders for a Global Automaker

Flexstar Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Storage Tester Built Specifically for Solid State Drives at Storage Visions

David B. Bogy, hard disk drive expert, to receive 2010 IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Data Storage Device Technology Award

2010 Storage Visions Conference Announces Storage Visions Award Winners


Featured Articles

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Mobile, Social Media Don’t Spell Privacy by Andy Marken

Cyberworld Needs Better Personal Intelligence, Common Sense by Andy Marken

Online … Content is the Same, Only Different by Andy Marken

WOM (Word of Mom) Is Researched, Credible by Andy Marken

Apple Could Make it Easy to Adopt miCommerce by Andy Marken

Every “New” Idea Has its Foundation Somewhere in the Past by Andy Marken

A Leader Steps Forward to Advance Flash Memory Image by Andy Marken

Finally, Security is a Priority for Agencies, Companies, Individuals by Andy Marken

Dealing with Customers, Issues in Realer than Real Time by Andy Marken

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Social Networking is Loads of Fun … Just Watch Your Step by Andy Marken

Big Data Can Help, but Never Underestimate the Individual by Andy Marken

M&E Opens New Opportunities of Expression, New Headaches by Andy Marken

Customers Are Lost When They Think You Don’t Care by Andy Marken

A Lot of Factors Go into Male, Female Pay Disparityby Andy Marken

US PC and Tablet Forecast May 2014 by Daniel Research Group

Trust Us … We’re Not That Into Her, Him, Them by Andy Marken

Net Neutrality … A New Way to Hold Ideas, Innovation Ransom by Andy Marken

Cheap, Free Cloud Storage Works for Your Device, Your Stuff, You by Andy Marken

Entertainment Flexibility … Viewing Becomes Personal by Andy Marken

Breaking Content Barriers Can Be Good, Then Again… by Andy Marken

DriveSaver's Warm Weather Protection Tips

It’s Not How Much Data You Have, It’s Data When You Need It by Andy Marken

SSD Data Recovery: Benefits of Industrial Cooperation by Gillware

Social Media Numbers Don’t Matter, People Do

Driverless Cars Can Change More Than Your Driving by Andy Marken

Customers … Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool by Andy Marken

Videos from Storage Visions

Computer Outlook Video Interviews at Storage Visions 2014

The Task of Bringing Brands, Customers Together by Andy Marken

Entertainment Options for Every Age, Every Taste by Andy Marken

Smartphones Are All About Business…Funny Business by Andy Marken

Show Your Importance, Your Power...Talk, Text Coast to Coast by Andy Marken

Study Our Youth, See What Tomorrow Holds by Andy Marken

CES Coverage …They’re Not Just Coming For You – Honest! by Andy Marken

A Good Patent is Good, a Great Lawyer is Even Better by Andy Marken

Today Is Going By So Fast, Maybe We Can Save It …Tomorrow by Andy Marken

Tablets Give Everyone an Opportunity to Involve, Be Involved by Andy Marken

More Data Doesn’t Make Better Decisions, it Just Takes Longer by Andy Marken

Games Are Growing in Popularity, Use, Profits by Andy Marken

The Best Cloud is a Personal Private Cloud by Andy Marken

Industry Leaders Focused on Interesting Future World by Andy Marken

NSA Just Needs a Better Name, New Service Offerings by Andy Marken

Bigger, Faster, Cheaper Flash in Demand But Cold? by Andy Marken

In the Cloud, Software Goes Back to its Beginning by Andy Marken

Internet of “Things” a Playground for Bad Guys/Gals by Andy Marken

Chasing Innovative Products is a Long, Hard Trek by Andy Marken

Entertainment, Education Connects Better than Selling by Andy Marken

The Car … Your Home/Office Away from Home/Work by Andy Marken

BYOD Created Business Opportunities, Business Headaches by Andy Marken

Squeezing Profit from Every Video Frame by Andy Marken

Customer Service Has to Be Real, Responsive by Andy Marken

The Big Data in Ultra HD By Vincent Brisebois

It’s 4K All The Way, Drawing Line in The Sand, Storing Stuff

Social Media Publicity – Watch, Play Hockey First by Andy Marken

White Paper--- The New Archive Workflow: Accessible, Online and Protected by Tom Coughlin

The End of an Era, The End of New Devices by Andy Marken

INFOGRAPHIC: Big Movie Data - The Resolution Revolution

Options for Gamers, Challenges for Developers, Industry Partners by Andy Marken

Smart Companies Use Big Data Right…Then There’s Them by Andy Marken

In Technology Leadership, the Big Dogs Play for Keeps by Andy Marken

CES …The Greatest Show on Earth by Andy Marken

Machines Begin Taking Social Out of Social Media by Andy Marken

Smartphone Purchasing … It’s for More than Just Coffee by Andy Marken

The Cloud Success, Residue is All Your Fault by Andy Marken

Taking Control of Your Own FutureTaking Control of Your Own Future by Andy Marken

Massive Talent Shortage or Just Shortsighted by Andy Marken

Reviewers for Hire Will End Publicity, Company Credibility by Andy Marken

SSD … More Stuff than You Can Afford to Carry by Andy Marken

Teens Are Online … and Mobile
by Andy Marken

Females –They’re In Demand, They’re Demanding by Andy Marken

Staying in Touch Is Great…Except When It’s Not by Andy Marken

Web Sites Are Built for Visitors...Not Designers by Andy Marken

Today’s Boomers – Contributing, Savvy, Buying by Andy Marken

With Practice, You’ll Get Better With Twitter … Or Not by Andy Marken

Being a Technology Leader Means Staying Focused on the Goal by Andy Marken

It Doesn’t Matter Where, How They Watch … Video is Video by Andy Marken

Social Media Is About More than Scrounging for Ad, Publicity ROI by Andy Marken

Bigger, Better Pixels Make Video a Whole New Game by Andy Marken

Social Media Programs Are Too Important for One Department by Andy Marken

BYOD is Bad for IT, Great for Bad Folks by Andy Marken

Glimpses of Today, Tomorrow from the Past by Andy Marken

PR Expert Andy Marken Has Some Advice for Startups and FOSS Projects (Video)

In Today's Constantly Connected World, Parents Need to Keep Up by Andy Marken

The Changing Mix of Business Leadership - Females Rising by Andy Marken

Clouds So Good Total Security, Protection are Unnecessary by Andy Marken

No One Leaves a Good Movie…Not Even A Company Movie by Andy Marken

Tap-n-Go is Good for Everyone But Consumers, Retailers by Andy Marken

All Social Isn’t Business, All Business Isn’t Social by Andy Marken

Content … Big, Beautiful, Ready to Sail by Andy Marken


Guys by Andy Marken

Game Changers by Andy Marken

Digistore Solutions Centurion CD, 100 CD/DVD File

DISKCON 2011 Symposium Notes and Comments by Ron Dennison

Getting Closer by Andy Marken

Tomorrow's Screens by Andy Marken

Relationships Change by Andy Marken

Virtual Kids by Andy Marken

Swimming In Data by Andy Marken

2011 Flash Memory Summit Notes and Comments by Ron Dennison

UV Futures for Optical Disc Storage--- What’s Next for DVD after Blu-ray? by Dr. Dick Zech

Monitoring the Maturation
By Marty Shindler

Thunderbolt integration Video including Adobe, AJA, Blackmagic and Matrox by Hitachi GST

Collaborative Workflows Benefit from Cloud Storage
Tom Coughlin

Lightstone (Intel X25E) Case Study

New WiGig Alliance white paper

SV 2010, CES and ICCE Storage Recap
Tom Coughlin

Metadata: Adding context adds value and improves useability

Every Song Ever Recorded on a $10 Drive? Where Storage Technology Is Heading... PC Magazine

Mr. NAND's Wild Ride: Warning - Surprises Ahead! Denali Whitpaper

By G.A. "Andy" Marken

Observations at the 2009 Intermag Conference by Tom Coughlin

Content Insider #121 - Entertainment Flexibility…Big Iron Doesn’t Matter by Andy Marken

Content Insider #118 - Game Entrapment by Andy Marken

Mktg vs Tech…Consumers Need Voice in Driving Products by Andy Marken

Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager software enables the logical partitioning of ports, cache and disk (parity groups) into Private Virtual Storage Machines

Content Insider – Visions for 2009
By Andy Marken

Migrating from mDOC: Options, Challenges and Benefits By Datalight

Interactive Television: Will advertising be the next wave of success for this much maligned industry? By David Barron

News from the Flash Memory Summit
See Dan Harris' Blog!

How Do You Find Your Stuff?
See ZDNet's Robin Harris' Blog on the Gaviri Pocket Search

Hard Disk Drives: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
by Jon Elerath, Network Appliance

Trusted Computing Specification FAQ's
by the Trusted Computing Group

Storage Needs to be Trusted Everywhere
by the Mesabi Group

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Storage Specification: Securing Storage and Information Lifecycle Management
by Enterprise Strategy Group

Open Cable Platform iTV - Issues, Opportunities, Threats
by digdia
Interactive TV has been derided for many years, but things are about to change!

Data Protection for Small Businesses and Homes  
by Tom Coughlin; Coughlin Associates, Inc.;July 2007
Types, sources and features available

Back Up This Suckah!!!  
Andy Marken, Jon Peddie Trade Points, Counterpoints; Barbs, Jabs On the Proposed Disc/Content Backup Ban

Tom Coughlin's Weekly Perspective:
When will we see Higher Performance Hard Disk Drives?

New Storage Interface Could Replace USB and Firewire

Slow Flash Adoption

Seagate introduces personal network storage— DAVE

The Debut of 1 Terabyte Hard Drives

Flash Memory in Hybrid Hard Disk Drives, a Beneficial Symbiosis

Blogosphere or Blog with Fear
By G.A. “Andy” Marken

Film Financing Rule #1 – Be Prepared
By Marty Shindler
“It’s all about being prepared...

Archiving Movies in a Digital World
SUN White Paper
by Dave Cavena et al.



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Solid State Drives In The Enterprise : A New Report From Objective Analysis
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"Storage Virtualization : Technologies for Simplifying Data Storage and Management"
Author: Tom Clark

iSCSI: The Universal Storage Connection
Author: John L. Hufferd
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